Frank Turner

by Chantal D'Arcy

You have to trust me when I say that no one, no one has stage presence like Frank Turner does.

“Someone told me that music with guitars was going out of fashion and I had to laugh, this shit wasn’t fashionable when I fell in love”

Frank Turner began his solo career in 2005, after the break-up of his band Million Dead. Having always been into hard-core and metal music, his solo career took a slightly different turn after he discovered Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska. It was a pivotal moment, and was the birth of Turner’s now-iconic style; acoustic guitar, skilful picking, deep and heartfelt lyrics, all with a metal-rock kind of energy. Frank Turner doesn’t use excessive distortion, amps or guitar pedals, because he doesn’t need to; whether on stage or in the studio, his raw energy comes across so clearly that he needs no special effects to get people’s attention.

Turner’s lyrics are almost invasively personal, describing his depression, self-harm and love life with brutal honestly and humility. There is never any self-pity or exaggeration in his songs; only stories and tales of adventures told by a master poet.

Six albums down the line, Frank Turner’s music is as fresh and exciting as ever; he has all but lost his energy that took the indie music scene by storm eleven years ago. On stage, he is simply mind-blowing, and you are guaranteed to leave any gig of his sweaty, smelly and smiling. There is no doubt that he and The Sleeping Souls, his band, give their all to every gig they play; expect crowd-surfing, songs dedicated to fans and a hell of a lot of dancing if you’re lucky enough to get a ticket to his gig in Exeter.