Frank Iero and the Patience

by Anam Zafar

Photo credit: Upset Magazine.

Changing his outfit from “…andthe cellabration” to “…And The Patience” for second album Parachutes, Frank Iero and co. set out on a tour of the U.K. and the rest of Europe this autumn, stopping off at the delightful Fleece. Although the album has been out for nearly a year now, with the band zipping in and out of the country for various support act slots and festivals, this is the first time that the Parachutes headline tour is being brought to these shores. As if to make up for this, we can hope for brand new material to be flaunted at the shows, in the form of a limited edition EP Keep The Coffins Coming, which is being released on the 22nd September via Hassle Records, just in time for the tour.

Parachutes is a wonderfully youthful, high-energy, in-your-face punk record, bursting with screaming vocals and full-speed guitar riffs. Frank Iero really puts his all into his live performance, and with the rest of the band to bounce off of, you can be sure that the songs as a live spectacle will be just as in-your-face as the recorded versions.