Fossil Collective With Support From Story Books

by Emily Pratten

I was lucky enough to attend this wonderful event on a clear Sunday evening. The music was on top form and relaxed, and it was cold enough to wear a sweater and drink green tea while watching. Very different to post-punk loud gigs in dingy underground bars, but ridiculously enjoyable nonetheless.

Delays to the set times were the only thing bad about the evening; seated comfortably in the cosy Exeter Phoenix listening to alternative folk music may just be what I want to do for the rest of my life, degree permitting. Story Books were the support band for the evening and it’s not too often that this occurs, but I think they were the highlight of the night. Playing their single, Peregrine, and other really great tracks from EP entitled Too Much A Hunter, it was interesting and intricate and really very enjoyable. Initially they reminded me of an early years Bombay Bicycle Club, and the song structure perhaps akin to that of Daughter’s- ebbing in and out and in and then out again before finishing strong. Upon finishing their set I had to let them know how great it really was, and managed to get myself a cheeky interview.

Fossil Collective followed and continued with the folky vibe, but after the intricate melodies of Story Books I actually ended up finding the songs slightly repetitive. Nevertheless, it was technically flawless and every song was full of a great deal of feeling, bringing a very mature sound to the Phoenix. Lead singer David Fendick joked around comfortably with the crowd and discussed their new EP, The Water, set to be released on October 28th. My top pick from this new EP would have to be either it’s namesake, or And If You Go - these two were my favourites of the set.

Definitely a gig worth going to despite delays, and both Story Books’ Too Much A Hunter and Fossil Collective’s The Water are EPs that you’ll certainly have to pop on your iPod sooner rather than later.