Forever Amy

by Will Ashton

Photo credit: Alba Plano.

The music of Amy Winehouse needs absolutely no introduction. Responsible for not only some of the most popular and well-known hits of the 2000s but also of all time, her unique style and beautiful vocals span continents and generations alike. Winning a staggering six Grammy awards amongst numerous other awards, her huge influence on the musical world is still apparent to this day.

Today, the musical spirit of Amy lives on through Forever Amy, who bring their stunning celebration of her music to Phoenix in Exeter on the 4th November. Live performances of Amy’s timeless sound will echo through the venue, created by the very musicians who played with the woman herself. The experience of listening to the music by the people who worked for Amy is surely something not to be missed, whether you are a die-hard fan, or barely know her music at all. Fronted by Alba Plano as Amy, a hugely talented and up-and-coming singer specializing in jazz and neo-soul, the vocals will surely only add to the authentic experience at Phoenix.

The Phoenix is renowned for the hundreds of brilliant performances across all genres that it hosts each year. So, it is the perfect location to see such an enthralling display of music. The performance of Forever Amy will surely be a highlight of the year though, for any music fan who attends.

Catch Forever Amy at Phoenix in Exeter on November 4th. It promises to be an absolute spectacle, and is a must-see for anyone wanting to experience a powerful display of music which holds true to Amy Winehouse’s very own style.