by Leah Devaney & Amy Garner

Are you a local band? Yeah we’re an Exeter-based band. We’ve been around for about 10-12 months, so not long.

Is this one of your biggest gigs? This is probably the biggest gig we’ve played so far. We’ve played around Devon quite a lot, but yeah. We’ve played here once before, but this was probably bigger.

How would you describe your ‘sound’? Our sound is like classic skate punk but with a British influence - as in, it’s not very American. It’s very British-influenced, as in Indie and Brit=Pop, but it comes together as a good sound.

Who are your favourite artists/biggest influences? Influences vary from bands like REM to Blink-182 to Nirvana to Brand New. I’m into loads of music; I like classical, I like metal…

Who is your idol? My idol would be more of a frontman. An Exeter-based band called The Computers - we’re really into them. We’re really big fans of Alex Kershaw and Liam Gallagher of Oasis, and Freddie Mercury of Queen. You know, frontmen. [Proceed to have long discussion about how awesome Pelle Almqvist is as a front man too]

Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months? Like you say, we’re very good friends with The Raptors and The Computers, well at least we know a few of them. We’re recording an EP at the moment which we will hopefully release at the end of February. Hopefully once we have some music out, we’ll broaden our horizon and play some more gigs.

Do you all play a part in the songwriting process or just one of you? I write all the music, all the lyrics.

What would you say your music is more about? Well especially with these songs (this EP is about growing up and dealing with love), I’d say tragedy and heartbreak and stuff like that. It’s pretty much all from personal experience, but I write about it in the context of a song; that’s how I deal with it.