Far North District

by Nickie Shobeiry

What is your philosophy as a band? That would be Platonic, Aristotelian, and Cartesian.

What was the inspiration behind your name? [Laughs] We did a random Wikipedia search for a fake band name and basically went for the first thing that jumped up. Easy really!

You’ve played in several venues, including last year’s Calverstock festival, and soon you’ll be at the Exeter Phoenix. Of all your performances, which ones have been the most memorable to you, and why? We would have to say that The Kinks gig at the Poltimore Arms in Brayford this year was the most memorable. It was such an honour to support those guys. And what a gig it was too!

What would be your ultimate venue to perform in? We all agree on the Bimble Inn, which is a solar-powered, mobile venue.

If you could pick any artist to tour with, who would it be? Dread would say Falling Apart, so he gets to play with his old bass player all the time. Chris would say Billy Brag, and Kev chooses Johnny Cash, while Star would most definitely say Fleetwood Mac.

If you had to pick the artists that have influenced your sound most, who would you pick? Fleetwood Mac, Heal The Last Stand, and Mr. Chris Millington!

Do you each have a favourite song to perform? And do you ever find yourselves improvising on stage? Dread’s is Universal Mind, while Star’s is Broken Clock, and Chris’ is Cried An Ocean. Kev’s a drummer, so he doesn’t know anything about music [laughs]. We do improvise a lot on stage - for example, playing the song Cut Me Down in a reggae style. We often mix it up.

You have an EP due for release on January 31st – could you share a little more about the recording process so far? What has the experience been like for all of you? We recorded the EP with Leigh Crossman at the Ariel Studios, and members from rock band, The Black Dogs. Both have been so supportive in helping us build the new Far North District EP. We have enjoyed the process so far, and look forward to sharing it with our followers.

You released your EP single, Broken Clock. The electric guitar and powerful lyrics make this incredibly captivating – what’s the story behind the song? This song was written by Jack Tipper and passed over for Star to create the rock sound you hear today. With a blank canvas at first, soon this epic track began to grow into a rockin’ Stevie Nicks style, with the bass and super-slide played by Dan ‘Germouse’ Emery from Falling Apart. We enjoyed every minute making this single.

Another song that will be on your EP is Keep Travelling, which has been stuck in my head since hearing it! Where did the inspiration for this song come from? Star: It came upon me while I was sat on a hill where I live - a spot where I find writing songs a blessing really. It’s a place where the train used to travel from Lynmouth to Barnstaple; I found myself stepping back through time with a vision of a beautiful old gypsy girl skipping majestically down the train line, smiling at everyone she meets.

In 2015, you’ll be playing your way up North as part of your mini tour. Where will you be stopping, and what are your hopes for the tour? We will be stopping off in Manchester to play at the Night And Day Café, and maybe a few nights in Newcastle along with many other locations. We even want to go so far as Glasgow, in order to reach followers that haven’t managed to get to our Devon-based gigs. We always love meeting new folks along our journeys, and enjoy sharing our message.

What was the best advice that was ever given to you as musicians that you think is relevant to all folks? Be smart, be lucky, and carry extra guitar strings [laughs].

If someone offered each of you any rider request in the world, what would you each pick? Star: To play under the skies of the Northern Lights. Chris: Clean socks and a bottle of wine! Dred: A box-set of Friends! Kev: A bottle of Jack Daniel’s, and a straight jacket.

What can we expect next from Far North District? The new EP, Keep Travelling, alongside the future Far North District album we hope to create late next year. We’re looking forward to playing at bigger festivals, and writing lots of new material for the band. Also, can we say a big thank you to every one of you out there who has supported us from the very beginning, and to all you followers… we love you, and please keep travelling with us!

Love & Light, FND.

Tony Dreadster, guitar Chris Millington, lead guitar Kevin Holt, percussion Star Evans, lead vocals