EXIT Launch With Simba Music

by Jack Reid

EXIT have been around for a couple of years now. This year however, they’re running at Exeter’s bass scene head on. It’s not hard to notice that if you’re into House and Garage and all of those lovely things that make your adjacent flatmates want to die, you had better be edgy enough to rock a snapback and a pair of skinny jeans with confidence. EXIT are here to change that. I arrived at Cellar Door and was met with a distinct air of chill. I was able to stroll in, grab some (many) drinks at the bar and chat to the people around me. What I’ve just described is a very unique experience at Cellar Door.

As per their claims, EXIT do not sacrifice their musical integrity in creating a more open environment. When I arrived, Josh Toogood was throwing out a fantastic mix of great tracks from deep into the House genre, as well as some pleasant surprises in the form of Renegade Master, drops and remixes of F For You and Jack by Breach. The set was fantastic, and quickly attracted a gaggle of merry dancers.

Simba Music threw down a solid set, fully utilising the bassweight benefits of Cellar Door as a venue. By now the dancefloor was well stocked with chilled out drunkards. The sense of community is strong as you stroll around the venue. I got the sense that everybody at the night knew one another and yet felt immediately included. After some shooters, I too felt like I knew everybody and quickly made friends with what seemed like most of the EXIT team. I even had a fairly extensive chat with Simba themselves.

To be honest, attendance at the night was modest. I thought that was great for me; I was in the mood for a chilled out night, with great music, great people. That’s what I got: a kind of rave at my mate’s house vibe. However EXIT deserve a much bigger audience than this - they regularly gained a large crowd last year and no doubt this will return. I won’t listen to anyone that tries to tell me that they just wouldn’t enjoy a House night, no matter how friendly. The EXIT guys have crafted an opportunity to get some drinks in and meet some great people, in a venue that chews up and spits out the best in bass music.