ExeFest 2017

by Kate Giff

Just over a year ago, you may have been charging up Forum Hill, desperately trying to find your headphones to avoid the many Sabb campaigners in their various primary colours. Over in the yellow camp, our current VP Activities Tristan Gatward was promising Exeter its own Campus Music Festival. At that point it wasn’t clear if he believed that he could pull it off himself, but now we at PearShaped are happy to report that he’s only gone and done it, with an impressive line up to boot.

It was announced a few weeks ago that the mascots of most of our pre-teen years The Hoosiers will be gracing one of the various stages set up around campus. Most famous for the cheery-pop of Goodbye Mr A or Cops and Robbers, this booking is going to be a whole lot of fun. As if they’re not enough, we can reveal that German dance divas Cascada are playing Exefest too. It’s like Cheesies, without having to go to Cheesies! Pop not your thing? How about a dose of disco? Berlin-based duo Private Agenda, fresh out of a headline spot at Poltimore Festival’s Launch Party, are coming back to get us all dancing again. Funky, fresh but most importantly fun, Private Agenda promise to get the crowd going. Described by Tristan as the “perfect fit to Private Agenda”, London ‘dystopian disco’ group SWEAT are also along for the ride, bringing their ‘apocalyptic’ sound with them. Never heard of them? The folk at Radio 1 and NME have, and they’re expecting big things.

One of the most exciting things about the Exefest line up is the breadth of the bill. From dance to disco and back again, there seems to be something for pretty much everyone. If Cascada is too old school for you now, you can catch indie-rockers Amber Run who are carving a place out for themselves in the industry. If you’re looking for a band with a little more experience, the one and only Wheatus - of Teenage Dirtbag fame - are also there!

Rumours have been flying around campus as to who will be headlining the big event, and it’s with a huge dose of excitement that we can reveal Example is filling the top spot! After years on the UK Charts, Example is a certified big booking for the festival’s first year. While each act on the bill promises to be a lot of fun, Example is an explosive end to what is sure to be a great festival. All this, and it’s right on our doorstep on various stages around campus. If you haven’t already got your ticket do so soon, as a headline slot from Example suggests, they won’t be around for long!