Dub FX

by James Wijesinghe

Dub FX is a live looping artist who has stunned millions on the streets and internet with his introspective drum and bass inspired tunes. Given that he uses effect pedals, vocals and beatboxing to construct each of his songs, every performance is unique. With the Bristol leg being one of three of Dub FX’s UK stops on this tour, this live experience surely can’t be missed.

The widely loved sensation embarks on this tour to support his recent album, Thinking Clear. Although fundamentally an independent street performer, Dub FX now owns the label Convoyun.ltd where he backs similar artists who share his vision. Known for his critical lyrics addressing general world issues and promoting self-determination, both his lyricism and instrumentation are intricately formed, evidently signalling his attention to making quality music.

Catch the epic performance from Dub FX at Bristol’s SWX on Tuesday 22nd November. For fans of dub, drum and bass, hip-hop and other looping artists such as Jack Garratt, this show is a must. Revisit his now-viral videos if you need any more persuasion.