Dermot Kennedy

by Toby Brooks

Photo credit: Billboard

The term ‘rising star’ is frequently over used and so loses it’s meaning but when an artist hasn’t yet released a full-length album and is selling out shows all over Europe I would argue it is perhaps an appropriate term to use. Music released by Dermot Kennedy so far includes a mixtape produced by Mike Dean; best known for working alongside huge names- Kanye West, Jay-Z and 2Pac being just a few examples. However, Kennedy’s music isn’t the rap or hip-hop which those associations might make you think of.

His style is unique in the way he blends the soulfulness of his voice with a very modern hip-hop-esque beat. His voice might be compared to that of Tom Grennan or Tom Walker in that he can achieve that powerful, raspy feel that really draws you in but much of his music will relax you. You might even say it’s perfect to chill to. Perfect for a Sunday morning after a Saturday night. However, that’s not to say he can’t do catchy, Young & Free will stick in your head, the genius composure of A Closeness is sure to impress, if not mosh pit material. He has managed to carve out an individual style, combining genres making it hard to place him within one, his website mentioning Hip-hop and R&B making an influence on him, but there’s more to it than that- variety, skill, genius?

I would highly recommend searching him up and having a listen because I think that this is a sound we are sure to hear more of in the future- his sell out shows being concrete evidence. The show on Saturday at The Lemon Grove is sure to be entertaining, be sure not to miss out on viewing this rising star at an early stage in his career.