Declan McKenna

by Rasagnya Gurung

_Photo credit: Chuffmedia._

At only 18 years of age, Declan McKenna boasts of success that not a lot of indie rock artists can. This Hertfordshire boy, dropped out of school midway through his A-levels preparation and decided to pursue music full time. Whilst I was fretting over which actor I fancied the most, at 16, McKenna won Glastonbury Festival’s Emerging Talent Competition in 2015. Two years since that, and he has been making waves in the music industry. On the 21st of July, he released his highly anticipated debut album, What Do You Think About the Car, which was received very well by both the critics and fans.

With hits like Paracetamol and Brazil under his belt, McKenna makes music for people who enjoy songs with stories. Paracetamol’s music video discusses the struggles of a transgender male while Brazil critiques the corruption during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It’s truly mesmerizing, deciphering the complex meaning behind all of McKenna’s songs. It’s not often that artists are able to nail the infusion between context and art; it’s a little known fact but Declan writes and performs all his own songs. What makes his music stand out the most perhaps, is his beautiful and unique raspy voice. McKenna makes the harshness of his work somehow, and captivates your attention in every song, straight off the bat. As a live performer, McKenna is a seasoned player and has been performing at various festivals when he isn’t spending his time writing songs. His acts are known to be an intimate yet heartwarming experience. Hot on the heels of his successful album, McKenna is now touring the UK! If you’re around Bristol and fancy a night of inspiring indie music, head to Bierkeller on the 1st of November.