Deaf Havana

by Amy White

_Photo credit: Chuffmedia._

Deaf Havana, a band from the rose-tinted MySpace age that I remember viewing through a heavy side fringe, have endured to become one of the UK’s best alt-rock bands. Formed in 2005 on a college campus, they’ve played Reading and supported You Me At Six, Muse and Springsteen, an unlikely combination that many artists would kill to achieve. Their sound has just the right level of angst to make it good without being ridiculous, while actually carrying some excellent songwriting and tunes that stay stuck in the head. Recent songs like Happiness have marked a new stylistic foray for the band, displaying the vocal talent of frontman James Veck-Gilodi and the versatility of the group as a whole.

With the release of their album All These Countless Nights at the beginning of the year, Deaf Havana announced their first UK tour in over two years. The Lemmy is their last stop before moving on to the Germany, and a foray into the venue’s sticky floors is not to be missed as the band’s live performances are electric in their energy and soul. Warm your bones at the end of November with some good, alternative raving. You know you want to.