by Jemima Stafford

Switzerland, France and North London come together through the three-piece band Daughter to create captivatingly dark, moody songs laced with folk and indie influences, with unmistakeable similarities to The xx and Birdy. With their latest album Not To Disappear unveiling an unflinchingly personal account of the tragic decline of a loved one faced with dementia, the band manage to form a duality between both the pain of loss and rejection and the beauty of art and self-expression. Following a successful string of tour dates in the US supporting indie artist Ben Howard, Daughter have now released tour dates across the UK.

When listening to the breathtakingly ambient music of Daughter, it becomes apparent that the indie/folk three-piece are ceaselessly unique in their ability to juxtapose effortless, ethereal rhythms with heartbreakingly personal lyrics. Elena Tonra’s tremulous yet hauntingly powerful vocals capture eerily intimate tales of failure and numbness, and when combined with the soulful guitar playing by Swiss-born Igor Haefeli and the intoxicating beat supplied by drummer Remi Aguilella, listening to the music of Daughter is truly a mesmerising experience.

Having released their debut album If You Leave in 2013, Daughter have struck favourably with UK audiences and critics, with reviews claiming listeners are ”ushered into a fragile but beautiful world”. To experience the sounds of Daughter, which are as equally dreamlike as they are beautifully haunting, the UK tour is set to swing by on the 25th October in Bristol.