by Ed Launchbury-Clark

At the end of October the Courteeners will release their fifth album, Mapping The Rendezvous.  A decade into the band’s career it seems mapping rendezvous points is all they have to do: frontman Liam Fray selects a number of massive venues around the country and his loyal fans file into them to greet him, even if it means paying over thirty quid a ticket ─ as it will in Bristol.  It will be worth it though. The majority attending will already have fond memories of the band’s performances, but the few who haven’t seen them before can expect a set full of catchy hooks, disco rhythms, and Manc charm, all buoyed by an audience so energetic you’d think it was 2008.

Fray modestly thinks people should prepare “to be at least mildly impressed” by the Courteeners in 2016.  Listen to recent singles No One Will Ever Replace Us and The 17th and prepare to be blown away instead. Then go and see them in Bristol and see it turned up a notch.