Corinne Bailey Rae

by Ylenia Schardt

Years after her self-titled breakthrough album hit the charts in 2006, pop, R&B and jazz singer Corinne Bailey Rae is back with her third album The Heart Speaks In Whispers. After a six-year long hiatus following the 2010 release of The Sea, Rae has undergone a musical evolution that clearly weaves into her new album.

Late 2000s favourite Rae has heavily evolved since her pop-soul beginnings. Moving away from the whimsical carelessness she so defined with classics such as Put Your Records On, she has used the tragic events in her private life – including the death of her husband – to create a sound which is both moody and uplifting. While not as dark as The Sea, her new album mixes the hard times behind her with the promising times ahead. The singer manages to balance synth groove and soul with an acoustic Sunday afternoon coolness. Complimenting her sound, her effortless, modulated voice resonates with content, passion, and ease. Her voice is expressive and her lyrics reflective, singing each word with as much intention as the next. Rae’s new record is a long-awaited follow up to her two previous albums.

Catch Corinne Bailey Rae on Saturday 29th of October at Colston Hall in Bristol, to see the new sound performed live in all of its glory.