Catfish and the Bottlemen

by Kate Giff

A couple of years ago, mentioning Catfish and the Bottlemen got blank stares and the occasional smirk at what is, admittedly, a strange band name. Between then and now, however, this band have been working tirelessly to carve out a place for themselves in the music scene. I would say they’ve done a pretty good job; their second album The Ride went straight to number one this year. The two years of continuous touring and promoting this band has done has well and truly paid off, earning them the reputation of one of the best live bands around.

If you were lucky enough to see them at Big Weekend last year, you would have seen only a tiny part of what the band can do. They’re now selling out arenas, so at a relatively intimate venue like Plymouth Pavilions, there’s no telling what they can do. Musically, they toe the line between indie rock and indie pop, with the use of hyper-realistic lyrics (think references to “fag-breaks” and awkward arguments between friends) making the songs relatable and therefore that much catchier. Catfish also have an amazing ability to transform even an average song in to a belter with a soaring chorus. Live, these are euphoric, with the audience screaming along and usually Van McCann, lead singer, screaming right back. If you fancy a night where you can really relish in a band’s genuine love of music, Catfish and the Bottlemen’s Plymouth Pavilions gig on 7th November is for you.