by Charlotte Simpson

How did you find that set? Yeah it was amazing! It’s such a great crowd in there and we really enjoyed coming down for it. Exeter’s good fun.

How did you get started/start producing? Basically we used to DJ separately around Bristol, and one night we got asked to do a Back-to-Back set at Motion in Bristol - it just went from there really, it went off. So we just started DJing together and writing tracks and that’s it really.

Who are you most influenced by? Just being around in Bristol really (Bristol’s the best place round here). We used to like Drum’n’Bass and Dubstep music, before the house thing kind of started, and then moved into house and Men and New York Transit while it was all going on in Bristol at the time. I guess we’re into local artists.

What future releases do you have lined up? We’ve got a three track release on Bullet Train Records - that’s out at the end of this month. Plus we’re releasing a couple of free downloads for Eton Messy, but our actual first release is going to be on Bullet Train. That’s all coming out for free, so you can have it - take it, it’s all yours.

Where do you guys work and live when you’re not DJing? We live in Bristol, sort of Down End area. And I sell car insurance for a living! Music doesn’t pay the bills just yet. I’ve got work at 9 o’clock so sadly, I won’t be able to stay for Cuzo.

What do you think of the other acts tonight? Yeah, they’re really good. The guy on after us , who’s on now (Cuzo), whatever he’s playing now is quality. And the first guy when we came in, Kingtrix, you said it was his first set out? - he was really good. He was our style of music and he played some decent tracks.

Do you find the scene here in Exeter quite different from Bristol? The scene here is exactly the same really, like a lot of the clubs in Bristol. The music’s all the same, so yeah, if it keeps going like this, then it’s all good. Quality, yeah it’s quality - we went to Walkabout before we came here and it’s a sick little club. It’s good that there are so many people rolling in.