by Oliver Rose

Photo credit: Boyzlife.

Those amongst you who felt any excitement at the announcement of McBusted – the best portmeantaeu-named boyband (since that of the ensemble behind Air Guitar) is coming to Exeter’s Phoenix on December 13… better still, they’re a magical blend of Boyzone and Westlife…  they are (say it with me now) Boyzlife. Hell yes.

Yes, indeed. Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy are whipping out the breakfast bar stools for an evening of bonafide nineties classics, including (but not limited to) Flying Without Wings, No Matter What, Swear It Again and World of Our Own. I’m hoping for dry ice, smoke machines and jammy harmonies – frankly, I’m expecting no less.

Between them, Westlife and Boyzone scored in their white-denim loaded tenures, a whopping _46_ top 40 hits. This unique showcase brings Westlife’s material back on the road for the first time since the group’s dissolution in 2012, and prefigures exciting 25th anniversay celebrations in the Boyzone camp.

Surely, this is not one to miss. Get down to Phoenix on December 13 – no matter what…