Black Foxxes

by Sophie Anderson

Photo Credit: Daniel James Broadley

How did you guys start out? Mark (guitarist and vocalist) had started with two other dudes, very early on it was clear that those guys didn’t want to commit so I got a message from Mark, it clicked then a couple months later I gave Tris (bassist) a call.

Where did your name come from? Is there a story behind it? No interesting story other than we had a million name ideas and this was just the one that felt good at the time.

You recently released your new single Husk, how has the response for this record been so far? It’s been amazing, we’re all totally blown away by the support. It’s done over 200k views on Vevo, I thought we would be lucky to get 10k!

Festival season is nigh - what event are you most excited to play this summer? I think Reading is the one, it’s always been a dream and it’s amazing that we’ve been asked back a second year! I’m also super excited for 2000 Trees so I can see The Bronx again.

Where do you draw your main influences from? Without sounding cliché I’d have to say life, whether that’s music, film, TV, art or life events. It’s great to soak it all in and let it all filter out into your own art.

If you had to choose one band or musician to tour with who would it be and why? That’s a super hard question, there’s so many! I think I’ll go with Neil Young, the guy wrote the book on rock n’ roll after all!

What can we expect from you guys for the rest of 2016? New music and shows, it’s a busy year in the Foxxes camp.

Do you get nervous before you live shows? Any particular rituals or habits you have before you go on stage? I personally don’t get nervous before playing. Habits or rituals are minimal. We like to keep our area calm, Mark will do vocal warm ups for ten minutes or so and I’ll do a few stretches but that’s really it.

What’s it been like touring with Nothing But Thieves? It’s been great, a long time coming for sure. That band are filled with the sweetest dudes and it’s amazing to see them kill every night, just a shame it’s over now.

You will be playing with Milk Teeth and Eat Me on your next tour, where are you most excited to play? There’s so many we’re excited for. Exeter Cavern is where we cut our teeth and we haven’t played there for so long! London is always a great time and the Barfly rules. Bristol should be interesting as it was a lively one on the NBT tour and for me The Forum in Tunbridge Wells, I spent a _lot _of time there in a previous band so will be nice to finally go back.

What has been your favourite venue of all time? Why? I’d have to say The Roundhouse in Camden, London. I saw Brand New there in 2012 (I believe) and ever since it was an ambition to play it, which we got the opportunity to in December and it totally lived up to my expectations.

And, to round things off, what has been the most embarrassing moment that has happened when playing live? Luckily nothing overly bad has really happened. Probably a stick breaking in an awkward place, that’s kinda embarrassing?