Black Foxxes

by Ben Gladman

Artists from across the country – and further – have expressed dismay at the fire that left Cavern out of action over the coming months. Local lads Black Foxxes will have been hit more than most by the news, but they will return nonetheless on the 29th of October, moving a few streets over to Exeter’s Phoenix.

Their debut album, I’m Not Well, came out on the 19th of August to rave reviews from the critics. After a successful festival season the rockers are ready to bring their new songs to an old stomping ground. Not that their newfound fame has changed the band in any way. Black Foxxes scream authenticity; from their reluctance to sign for a major label, to the songs recorded in one raw take, mistakes left untouched by producers, they’ve stayed true to their roots. As unflinching and loud as their music, and as surprisingly pretty when the noise dies down, the lyrics pack a punch too. Lead singer Mark Holley has never been afraid to speak frankly about his history of an anxiety disorder that often brings him close to packing his bags mid-tour and returning home.

Still, with a band as outspoken on the virtues of an authentic live experience, the only guarantee here is that of a unique, cathartic gig. No backing tracks, no extra layers, just three guys playing their hearts out. What more could you ask for?