by Brett Dickinson

Coming to Bristol’s O2 Arena on the 4th November is the talented Birdy (née Jasmine van Der Bogaerde), perhaps still better known for her 2011 cover of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love - despite having 3 full length albums under her belt. In many ways this lack of attention to the rest of her music is a disappointment, as she has developed hugely in the 5 years since. Her range of music and musical influences has expanded, and she has moved from being a girl with a wonderful voice to a fully-fledged singer-songwriter. This tour is being promoted as an accompaniment to Beautiful Lies, her “coming of age” album, and strongest record yet. It promises to showcase the ways in which she has turned into a serious, well rounded musician, relying on her voice as the compelling feature of her music. Beautiful Lies presented this development, with songs such as Wild Horses and Keeping  Your Head Up showing a side of her different to the more ballady songs that fans of her earlier work would expect. They seem as though they would be well suited to a live audience, something to look forward to this November.

Naturally a slightly quieter sort of artist who avoids the spotlight, her only media mentions normally come in the shape of album reviews - a high energy and overly gimmicky performance is not to be expected. Instead, Birdy will rely on what she knows and does best, focusing completely on the music and beautifully performing her emotive tracks. If her Beautiful Lies album is anything to go by, expect audiences to be sent home happy and impressed on the 4th November.