Beans on Toast

by George James Gordon

Photo credit: Sonic PR.

Beans on Toast (real name Jay McAllister) is a singer/songwriter who rose to prominence from the 2005 UK folk scene, and perhaps also from people stumbling upon his Wikipedia bio while genuinely searching the web for the popular English dish. It’s hard not to notice the bizarre bathos of his output – lyrical content of his music ranging from contemporary politics and love to a song about a penguin. His performance has been fittingly described as both ‘funny and earnest’, combining current affairs with comedy – and what better way is there to make sense of the often-ridiculous political developments experienced this year? Indeed, because of this, Mr. Beans sounds something like the lovechild of Frank Turner (who produces a lot of his material) and a younger Billy Bragg. His most recent offering, Cushty (released on 1st December, which is also his birthday, a tradition of his) includes the single I Think Everyone Should be Terrified, which is a response to the the (at the time) impending Trump presidency and the rising popularity of far right-wing movements in the west. I’d drink a toast to that. Catch Jay at Phoenix on 8th December for a salient show that promises to amuse.