by Jack Reid & Matt Hacke

M: How long have you been involved in Rinse FM? We’re all tied together, because the management that runs Rinse are the management that runs Magnetic Man. We used to put records out together for about 15 years, so we had some of the first records out on Road and Tempah - its been 18 years.

J: So you were there when it was pirate? Yeah, we had a record shop in Croydon at the same time.

M: We were wondering out of all the genres in EDM at the moment, which ones do you find the most boring or overused? You know what, I don’t even know what EDM is, I don’t have a clue. It’s some sort of American term, for Electronic Dance Music, but what kind of other dance music is there? There’s good music in all types of genres, and bad music. There’s good stuff and bad stuff.

M: On the other hand, is there anything you don’t think is exposed enough? No, everything gets its day in the sun, and people go on to one thing then move onto something else - it keeps it fresh. I like the things that aren’t being played by everyone, so as soon as it gets a little bit too big we jump ship.

J: Skream did that, didn’t he? Yeah, we’ve all done it. I’ve been making music for 20 years now, I’ve made more that one type of music.

J: How many aliases do you have? Don’t know, I don’t have a clue. A lot though. You had to back in the day, because in record shops there was a wall of music that was current for that week. We were making so much music at the time that if you put it out under one name you’d have the wall and it would look ridiculous. So you had to make up 4 so they’d say, “we haven’t got that one”. That was how is started.

M: Is there anything going on with Magnetic Man at the moment? We’re just doing an album now, we’re finishing our festival season. Now we’re making the next one.

M: Are there any collaborations you can reveal? None I can reveal, but there are some good ones.

M: Is there anything else other than Magnetic Man you’ve got planned at the moment? Yeah, I’m doing some Artwork stuff, and working with a couple of labels looking at other things. I’m doing some of my old techno stuff again under the name Grain. I’ll be re-issuing some of my old stuff and putting some new stuff out at the same time.

M: Our last question, is there anything pick you can give us, any track you think is really good at the moment? Route 94, this 19-year-old kid. Every record he makes is a banger.