by Sakshi Raizada

With 7 albums released in the past decade, including their latest masterpiece All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, this five-piece metalcore band from Brighton have been full-speed ahead for some time now. Next up, they are set to showcase their unique sound at Bristol’s 02 Academy this November.

Formed in 2004, this a band recognised for its adventurously powerful, shredding vocals and an emotive display of their heart-wrenching disillusionment at political corruption; their latest album giving off even apocalyptic tones through melancholy synths, but simultaneously advocating a strong sense of hope. With the unfortunate recent loss of band member Tom Searle in August to a three-year private battle with cancer, however, this hope may have diminished slightly; members expressed that no new music would be released until deemed appropriate. Tragedy aside, this could be seen as more of a reason to appreciate their latest wake-up call album, which refines rather than reinvents the secure position they have cemented as being one of the most dynamic metalcore bands around.

Cancelling their North American headline tour but persevering through their UK and European tour from October, it’s evident that the death of band member will have affected the entire fabrication of the band; twin brother and fellow drummer Dan Searle posted that “to pretend that Tom wasn’t at the heart of everything that this band created would be to show a complete lack of respect to the amazing talent that he was.” Nevertheless, not all hope is lost; with their arguably darker yet gritty latest album, full of a relevant sense of political anger embedded in confessional lyrics, you can bet their upcoming live performances won’t be lacking in the raw emotion and talent surely to be made evident through conveying their respects for the band’s loss. In other words, this upcoming performance of Architects’ infectious and emotionally electrifying presence is definitely not one to be missed.