Apherium - Embrace The Fall That Brought Us Here

by Rosemary Lennie

Apherium were formed in 2011 in Yeovil, Somerset. The four-piece’s new EP, Embrace The Fall That Brought Us Here, was released this February. The three track EP is a brilliant look at what this band can do. The production quality is excellent, and I was unsurprised when I found out that it was recorded at Reading’s Outhouse Studios. The studio has been a recording stop for many of the great British bands of our time, and many iconic albums have been recorded there, such as Architects’ Hollow Crown.

Embrace The Fall That Brought Us Here is made up of three exciting tracks, and there is no sense of listening to the same song in three different variations. Instead, they are all musically, vocally, lyrically and emotionally strong. The single from the EP, Embrace, which has had airplay on Scuzz TV and Kerrang! Radio, is an impassioned anthem and is the best indication that this band has something different that sets them apart. Particular lyrics really stand even from the first listen, such as “Be the change that you want to see / Take a chance on what you believe”. It is refreshing to find a band that has this emphasis.

The other songs on the EP, Resolve and Ever Present, follow the same guitar lead pattern. But each song is engaging and enjoyable. Overall, it is a thoroughly enjoyable EP, it is just a shame that it is so short. Just as you get into it, it ends. With no hint of a future EP or album as of yet, I am left wanting more without satisfaction. What I do know is that this EP has left me eager to find out what this band can do live.

The EP is only a taster of what Apherium are about, but they are definitely one to watch.