Alice Jemima - Alice Jemima

by Sophie Anderson

Singer song-writer Alice Jemima debuts her brand new self-titled album full of mesmerising breathy vocals and delicate guitar with a soft electronic underpinning. Based in sunny Devon, she has grown from strength to strength with her most popular track Dodged A Bullet reaching over two million listens on Spotify. Her modern take on the classic singer-songwriter style has proven popular and gives her a definitive edge setting her apart from other similar artists.

Starting with my favourite track from the album Cocoa liquor, gentle echoed guitar loops are a subtle reminder of the classic Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root. It builds from looped guitar and light percussion with eventually the addition of an extra layer of guitar which slowly distorts by the end. This track is the perfect example of simple is better. The melody is quite stagnant, but the way the instrumentation and vocals are paired is tasteful and clearly carefully crafted. The title Cocoa Liquor is another thing I am really drawn towards. There is something really nice about the way it sounds and what it entails.

The eighth track on the album Toxic is probably the biggest deviation from my expectations, in the best way possible. Straight from the word go, the deep bass and echoed vocals draw you in. There are some recognisable influences from The XX in this track, especially the echoed guitar part. The way Alice incorporates beats and the use of syncopated rhythms in the chorus sets this song apart from most on the album. The emphasis on the bass in this track is an innovative addition and fits her voice impeccably. On a couple of pre-released tracks, Alice has collaborated with electronic DJ’s such as FONO who have remixed her tracks with an emphasis on bass and faster beats. Again, her style blends well with a more electronic rhythm and I hope to see more of these in the future.

Her signature slow-paced electronic loops continue to be showcased throughout the album. Track six When You Dance, will definitely make you want to dance, if not, sway to the rhythm. The strong, yet chilled, electronic beats set a really nice pace which is so easy to listen to and rather relaxing.

Throughout the album, the instrumentation and Alice’s vocals are so well paired, but I haven’t discussed the lyrical content. I feel that each song is very thoughtful in both choice of words and the way the words work with the rhythm.

The words that come to mind to summarise the album are: chilled, skillful and, quite simply, a pleasure to listen to. This labour of love did not disappoint in the slightest. There is a breadth of style that I hadn’t seen as much of in the pre-release material. I am really excited to see what else Alice Jemima has up her sleeve and I feel big things are on the horizon, so everyone keep your eyes peeled!