Against The Current

by Brett Dickinson

Against The Current are probably not a name known to many music fans in the UK. However, this may soon change. Following on from their debut album, the New York based three piece are embarking on their first UK tour, including an evening in Bristol on 21st September. The band first made their name through making covers and collaborations on YouTube (some of which, such as Chocolate by The 1975, are quite good) before releasing a few EPs of original material. Whilst they continue to be heavily involved with YouTube, still making covers, more of their uploads are now their own work. Their 2016 debut album In Our Bones gained mostly positive reviews and showed a band with a range of musical approaches, showcasing tracks encompassed in a pop rock style with hints of Paramore alongside some classic rock influences as well.

Against The Current is fronted by Chrissy Costanza as lead singer. She has her own YouTube following as well, adding significantly to their potential fan base. More importantly, she has a very listenable voice which can pull off a range of different genres and styles of song. An undeniably high energy, exciting up and coming band, Against The Current should put on a good show. They are not a band with complex ideas and meanings behind their songs yet, but will definitely be an entertaining and a good watch, making for an enjoyable night.