A View From The Top #96

by Ellie Turner

Since A View From The Top started, there have been a fair few questionable number one singles we’ve all had to sit through and analyse. We’ve seen One Dance remain at the top of the charts for an unbelievable 12 weeks, whilst Ed Sheeran then held the number one spot for an equally dismaying 13 weeks. We’ve had to write about Bieber an insane 22 times – which is even more crazy when you consider that this is only our 96th edition of the column. Whilst us self-confessed pop lovers (myself included) have tried to make the best out of being handed a bad number one, so many singles have left us stumped.

In my time I’ve written about Despacito, One Dance, 7 Years, and even the absolute tragedy that is I Took A Pill In Ibiza. None, however, have left me so lost for words as Sam Smith’s Too Good At Goodbyes.

I’ve been sat staring at my screen for at least fifteen minutes now, and at this point have listened to the song approximately 5 times. It’s a nice song, I suppose? But it’s also boring and bland, and I am really confused as to how it has made it to number one. I feel like there is quite honestly nothing to say about Too Good At Goodbyes other than it is boring and Sam Smith needs to think outside of the box before he even considers releasing another shitty break up ballad yet again. Every single song he releases sounds the exact same. At least with the previously mentioned singles I could see why people would enjoy them, even if I didn’t – surely even Sam Smith fans are now fed up of him releasing the exact same song over and over again? Who is listening to this? And why?

If you came to this A View From The Top expecting to read an excellent analysis of the track, then I really do apologise. In a PearShaped first, I am quite honestly holding up my hands in defeat. If you would like to read a well written and considered piece on Too Good At Goodbyes, then head on over to Charlie Morrison’s piece from a couple of weeks ago.