A View From The Top #33

by Ali Watson

Oh look, Drake’s top again. It must be confirmed now, One Dance has hit the heights that Hotline Bling and Cheerleader did last year; it’s this years summer tune. You can’t have not heard it. It’s not really worth me offering my opinion on it; everyone’s already got one, and you’ve probably already read what Kate, Charlotte, Jessikah, Sam and Srinandini thought of it in the previous 627 (or what it seems like) A View From The Tops. If you really do want my personal opinion for some reason, I’m a fan, although it is starting to already reach that point where I’m wary of hearing it too much, and it’s only May.

What I’m about to say, in most weeks, would not be headline news, but given recent charts and their distinct lack of change, is HUGE news. We have a new number two, and it’s I Cant Stop The Feeling, by JT. After first hearing this, it’s easy to decide what it was written for; it belongs right at the top of the Cheesy Tuesdays’ playlist, somewhere between Happy and Mr Brightside. It replaced Calvin Harris’ This Is What You Came For with Rihanna, which has dropped to third. I actually like this track, in some weird way it is both very chill and very ‘get up and dance’ at the same time; what I’d like to call a versatile banger.

Below this, nothings changed. Cheap Thrills by Sia is at four again, Mike Posner’s I Took A Pill is at five and No Money by Galantis is at six. And then there’s some decent movement! Panda by Desiigner makes a resurgence to seven, up 12 places. Sampled on Kanye’s Life of Pablo album, Desiigner seems to be everyone’s go-to up and coming rapper, and he’s younger than all of us (turned 19 in March). That actually scares me. How? On Panda he sounds like he’s 30?

If you ask me, that’s some impressive rapping for a 19 year old. Drake appears again next with his latest song with Rihanna, Too Good. I’d say it’s a better summer tune than One Dance; perfect for a sunset drive or barbecue on the beach. Drake’s doing pretty well in the charts this week, with three songs from Views, his new album, featuring. Rihanna also isn’t doing badly, featuring on two songs in the top ten and having one of her own not too much further down.

What is clear to see is that the summer sound is hitting the charts, but it’s always the club anthems at the top. Where’s the variety? Catfish And The Bottlemen released yet another single recently and yet again no sign of it, and the only indie band in the top 20 is Lukas Graham, only because 7 Years still hasn’t slipped into oblivion to become another one hit wonder. But not to worry, at least we still have One Dance to cheer us up.