100 Songs Of Revision

by Rob Scott

It’s exam season and that means revision: that sporadic, intermittent phenomena characterised by reading and rereading illegible lecture notes, panic, stress, in between far more regular periods of subconsciously distracting yourself with whatever you possibly can in order to put off doing anything that resembles productivity, i.e. procrastination. One of my favourite forms of procrastination is working out what I want to listen to whilst I revise. Crafting the perfect revision playlist is a balancing act. I want something chilled out so I don’t get too worked up, but not so chill that I get too relaxed. I want some good tunes, but not ones so catchy that I find myself distracted. I want a variety of genres, but I don’t want any jarring surprises.

Taking on this dilemma, we at PearShaped put our heads together and compiled a 100 track, 9 hour revision playlist. We’ve gone for predominantly instrumental (we can’t be singing along to songs and reading at the same time), with a good balance of mind-sharpening electronic beats for when you’re on a roll, and some more chilled out tracks for when you’re taking it a little easier. While, of course, in compiling this list, we were procrastinating, we did so that you don’t have to. Now you have no excuses. Good luck!

Listen to the PearShaped Revision Playlist below: